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Payments may be made through Venmo (SSSTheatre), Zelle (434-989-1632), or Paypal (

Registration Information

Online Registration: You may register your child through our online system. Please note that payments may be made through Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, or emailing a check made out to "SSST."

Standard Registration: Download the appropriate registration form (new student, returning student, class, vacation, or summer musical program).  Fill it out and send it through the mail with your check made out to South Shore School of Theatre.  Upon receiving your registration form, you will be sent a confirmation email to let you know that your child has been officially enrolled in the program.

If you wish to pay by credit card, you may do so through our PayPal system.


Returning Student Registration

If your student has already taken classes or participated in our summer program, you do not need to fill out a full registration form since we already have your information on file.  If you have completed our online registration, your information is stored there and you may use it again to register. If you use our standard registration system (form and mail), you need only fill out the returning student form for classes or summer.  You also get the benefit of mailing in your returning student form without a required deposit to reserve your child's spot in class.   Your payment can be made on the first day of class.**  If you would like to send in your payment early, however, you are welcome to do so.

** Returning students are not required to pay until the first day of class.  However, if the student drops the class before its beginning and no payment has been made, a $50 fee will be added to any future class enrollments, $100 to future vacation enrollments.

Registration Policies

SCHOOL YEAR CLASSES: All registrations should be sent in with a payment equal to half the full tuition of the class you are signing up for to reserve your child's place in a class.  The final payments are due May 1 for Spring Classes. (Reminders will be sent).

VACATION PROGRAMS: A payment of $100 is required to reserve your spot in all programs.  All deposits hold your spot in the program and are non-refundable after June 1st.  Our summer vacation programs and shows will be announced by the end of January.  


DEPOSITS: Deposits to our program reserve your child's spot, guarantee that our class has enough students to run, and effectively reduce the number of open spots available. Deposits are, therefore, non-refundable. 

REFUNDS: Please note that full refunds are only available before cast lists come out for any of our programs and never include the reservation deposit. Should your child decide our summer program is not for them during the first two days (before casting), a full refund, less the deposit, will be issued. For our school year skill-based classes (non-production classes), a student may attend as a drop-in once during the first three weeks. Any student who signs up after dropping in and then decides not to continue will not receive a refund. Signed-up students who decide within the first three weeks that a skill-based class is not for them may receive a full refund, less $50 deposit, or less $100 for any production class. 

Sibling Discount -- Parents who enroll more than one child in the program receive 10% off for each sibling.  Simply enroll one child and on the subsequent registration forms, mark "sibling discount" and the discount will be taken off the full tuition.

Early Bird Discount -- SUMMER PROGRAM ONLY  Students who enroll in the summer program before February 20 receive $25 off their full tuition.  

Referral Discount -- SUMMER PROGRAM ONLY  Students who refer others to join SSST will receive an additional $25 off their full tuition when those students register.  Make sure your referred students mark "referral discount" on their registration form AND write in your name.

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