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Adult Masterclasses Fall 2020 


Adults 19 and older: $250 for 8 weeks of class

Intro to Musical Theatre Dance

An adult class geared toward actors who wish to improve their dance ability. Each class will include a vigorous warm-up and stretch, plus the basics of musical theatre movement. Class will feature choreography from both classic and contemporary musicals. A fun way to gain confidence for your next audition!

Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm


Adults 20 and older: $75/session

Session 1: Sept. 24th and Nov. 12th

Session 2: February 11 and April 1

All Class Times are Eastern Standard Time Zone


Ever wish you could hear exactly what a director is thinking of your audition performance? Do you feel like you’re alone in how you approach acting or performing? Do you wish you could get tips and feedback from others struggling with the same performance issues? This is your chance!


Students will enter an online/virtual class in which they commit to sharing their vocal or acting work with one another for feedback and improvement. Students will share what they have been working on and what they would like feedback on, then upload a filmed version of their chosen performance work. The other students in the class will be asked to watch one another’s work share feedback on what they are noticing in the performance. Each student will commit to posting a new video of their improved performance based on the feedback they get from the group. At the end of each session, students will submit their final performances for professional directors’ feedback. The master class will be facilitated by an instructor and students will also engage in online discussion about auditioning and performing. We will meet once as a group virtually at the beginning of the session and once at the end. All other work will be done with deadlines, but no need to schedule yourself into weekly attendance.


Advanced Musical Theatre Song Performance

This is for adults who want to hone their acting performance through song and have attended auditions for years. Perhaps you are not getting the roles you want, or perhaps you want to try a new kind of character for which you are not traditionally cast. This is a great opportunity to find out how you’re coming across as a character while you sing. Students should come prepared with two contrasting songs and be ready to work on those songs over the course of the two months. Do not have to have accompaniment for songs, but if you would like you, you should provide your own. Please do not plan to sing along with a vocal recording.


Intermediate Musical Theatre Song Performance

This class is for adults who have done musical theatre but may never have had serious and tailored feedback for their performances of songs. Perhaps you would like to work on audition songs or general feedback on performing a song, or maybe just remain in practice performing musical theatre songs. Intermediate performers should have experience auditioning but have not worked on seriously honing their acting side. Students should come prepared to work on one full song with which they are familiar and ideally, have auditioned with before. Do not have to have accompaniment for songs, but if you would like you, you should provide your own. Please do not plan to sing along with a vocal recording.


Beginner Musical Theatre Song Performance

This class is for adults who are new to the performing or auditioning world for musical theatre shows. Maybe you know you’re supposed to have a song, but what song? What does 16-32 bars mean? What are directors looking for and how do you know how to give them that? This class will cover all the basics of performing musical theatre songs for auditions and give students a chance to try out what they’re learning with others who are feeling new to the scene, too. No need to come prepared with a song unless you already have an idea of what you’d like to work on. Song choice will be covered in week 1 and students will be given tools to find a song.


Advanced Monologue Performance for Adults

This master class is for adults who are familiar with monologues and auditioning with monologues but may want to try a new monologue or keep their performances fresh with some feedback from others. Maybe it has been years since you’ve had to perform a monologue and you’re wondering what age demographic you fall into now and you would like feedback from people. Perhaps you’ve performed monologues for auditions but never in a show, or vice versa – how are these performances different and how should they be approached differently? In this new age of virtual performance, should you think about performing differently than the same in-person way you always have? Students should come prepared with two contrasting monologues, no longer than 4 minutes altogether in length.


Intermediate Monologue Performance for Adults

This class is for the student who is familiar with monologues and auditioning but has never really worked on their craft in a class or has worked on their craft but never put it to use in an audition setting. Perhaps you have been performing one monologue for a while and want to try a new one, or perhaps you’ve never had to do two contrasting monologues before. Are you a musical theatre performer who has been told you need to work on straight acting? Are you a senior in high school thinking about auditioning for performance schools soon? This is a great class for people who are familiar in some way with monologues but want to build their confidence in monologue performance. Students should come prepared with one monologue to begin work on.


Beginner Monologue Performance

What’s a monologue? How do I find one? Why does my age and gender matter? What do you mean, I need one “ready in my back pocket”? If you’re asking these questions, this class is for you! Students will go through the class learning why some shows and programs require monologues for auditions, how to choose one that is best for you, and how to perform them. No need to arrive with a monologue ready to go. This will be covered in week 1.

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